Beautiful modern concrete sinks

Jun 20, 2019 ·   Sinks

These beautiful sinks were custom made for our great clients Sandy&Randy, who were remodeling their whole house at St. Pete beach. The modern sinks with high backsplash and wall faucet are definitely the eye catcher and go well with Sandy's beach decor.



Watch now!
Just a short film about a couple of our projects

Mar 28, 2019

Click on "Read more" to watch :)



Clearwater Wine Bar & Bistro

Mar 20, 2019 ·   Commercial-Jobs

The Clearwater Wine bar & Bistro relocated and is going to celebrate their grand opening this upcoming Friday! We are super excited for the owner Kristi,we want to congratulate and thank her for giving us the opportunity to be a part of her project!



All concrete outdoor Foosball table w/ equipment and LED's

Mar 19, 2019 ·   Gaming

We are super excited about this one!!! We just made this all concrete outdoor foosball table with LED's! It will be the first and last foosball table you ever purchased. Our promise, guaranteed for life. Different color options available!



Look for our latest projects here on our Blog page!

Mar 11, 2019 ·   Gaming

We are going to start posting all our projects here on our Blog page, so please make sure to check back to see what we've come up with next. Please share our beautiful concrete products on your social media pages to help us spread the word!



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