StonecreteUSA is setting a new standard in concrete, overcoming the limitations of traditional concrete to create a natural stone look. Most people think of concrete and imagine their gray driveway and sidewalk with heavy cracks. Stonecrete USA has advanced to the point where our concrete countertops are mistaken for granite, travertine and marble. We can achieve a natural stone surface with a satin (matte), or high gloss finish, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Concrete is the most durable and versatile building material available, so the design limitations and color combinations are endless. The colors are integrally mixed and hand placed so each piece is one-of-a-kind. Stonecrete USA is the coolest and most unique countertop material on the market, and is unlike any polished concrete that you have seen. We do not use an acid stain or a faux finish on any piece.

Stonecrete USA provides custom concrete countertops and furniture in the Tampa Bay area. Developed to mimic natural stone and marble, this unique process allows us to achieve looks previously unattainable in concrete. The business began providing outdoor kitchens with a unique countertop surface and has since progressed to indoor kitchens, patio furniture, bathrooms, commercial bar tops and fireplace surrounds. With features that are unachievable in polished concrete, our look is unmatched by any other concrete fabrication that uses stains or faux finishes. The tops are produced in Tampa but can be shipped anywhere in the USA and are an eco-friendly GREEN product.

Stonecrete USA countertops and tables have turned heads since their introduction in Tampa Bay. We are constantly creating new colors and patterns to keep up with the demand that customers have for unique one of a kind countertops. Lifelong residents of the Tampa Bay area, we have been working with concrete for over 20 years. We are capable of making any design and producing it to the specifications for looks but also for strength and durability.

The only way to fully appreciate the uniqueness of our product is to see and touch a finished piece, as no picture can fully explore the depth of the color and the feel of the surface. Please call us to find out your closest location to view a finished piece of our concrete at 813-847-1677.

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